Make a tax deductible donation to TASTE!

We began TASTE Food tours to create understanding and social connections between cultures through the sharing of food and stories.

We provide people with food and culture experiences that they'd never be able to have on their own. Thanks to our local guides and local businesses and their insider knowledge, we take people behind the scenes of vibrant communities to discover and explore suburbs' histories, specialty ingredients, recipes, cultures and stories.

We love nothing more than bringing people together -- people that would probably never have met each other without these experiences. 

In addition to increasing social cohesion in Sydney's most diverse suburbs, our other purpose is to promote training, education, and employment opportunities.

We began as a social enterprise and we are now also a registered charity. 

How will your support help locals, including migrants and refugees?

We provide training and support, which helps people of diverse backgrounds (newly arrived migrants and refugees, and young people) from areas where we work, to secure employment in their chosen professions.

This can also provide a direct pathway to employment with us as a food and culture guide.

Through this program our trainees build work skills (planning, budgeting, research), improve their English and confidence, and gain an Australian work history and references.  

They do this by using their existing cultural knowledge and experience to make a valuable contribution to our tour program -- to build connections and understanding across cultures and inrease community pride.

We operate our food and culture tours in Sydney communities that struggle with social challenges. 

We know that inequality is a powerful social divider.

Unemployment, social isolation, language and literacy barriers and negative media coverage -- all of these things lead to disenfranchised communities. 

If you like the work we do, your tax deductible donation can help us increase our capacity to train more locals and tour guides, creating more employment opportunities, in more places, making a positive social and financial impact in the communities where it's needed the most.

How will your support help communities?

We know that 98% of TASTE participants (Tasters) do not live in the tour areas we visit and that 63% of them will return to their tour locations to shop. When Tasters go back to shop, they take 2 people with them (on average) and spend about $30 each.

That might not sound like much, but it actually means an extra $20,000+ in new sales in each town centre for every tour we operate! This means more local jobs, more work for our guides, and more people from all over Sydney embracing a community, culture, and place they probably would never have visited if they hadn't gone on a TASTE tour.

When you add in the increased sense of pride and achievement in the local communities and the positive media coverage, it has a major impact on how the people and places see themselves. 

We want to spread the love, joy, food, and positive impact and make a difference in Sydney's most diverse communities. Every little bit counts!



Thank you for your support!