Taste Tour Guides - Latife

  Latife in action!

Latife in action!

Meet Latife / Lead Guide

Latife is one of the newest members of Taste Tours. She is new to Taste, but she's no stranger to food and culture tours as she has been doing this for the last three years in Auburn.

A very young Latife had pictured Australia to be a sunny place filled with fields of flowers. Arriving in Sydney Airport she found herself surrounded with lots of houses, streets and cars.

Years later she has discovered that these Sydney streets are now filled with an abundance of vibrant culture and delicious food from all over the world.

Her love of people, places and great food has brought her to the role of leading food and culture tours. She thoroughly enjoys welcoming people to some of her favorite local eateries, sharing cooking tips and cultural practices from Turkey and the Middle East and other parts of the world.

Latife would love to take you on a journey “From Afghanistan to Persia”, with a side trip to Turkey all in one Saturday Morning at Merrylands.

Why did you decide to join the Taste adventure?

My decision to join Taste was because I love sharing and I love food. I love showing the best local food eateries and sharing the culture and traditions behind the particular cuisine.

Also, food and culture tours goes hand in hand with my work as Event Coordinator, where I have been involved in organising community events and festivals.

What skills, knowledge and opportunities has this experience brought you?

Working as a tour guide has been amazingly enjoyable. I get the chance to meet people who also love good food. Also I have learnt that I can speak openly about cultural beliefs and practices, break down some barriers and create some changes in people’s perceptions.

Working as a tour guide has led me to a number of opportunities like facilitating cooking classes and has also led me to this role at Taste.

What are you enjoying the most about being a tour guide for Taste?

I am absolutely enjoying the meeting lots of people on the tours and also the sharing;

sharing my time with people that are so interested in finding out about food and culture, sharing food from a variety of cuisines, sharing information about the culture and & traditions, showcasing local businesses and above all sharing the desserts!!

  Latife on tour!

Latife on tour!

How do you think Taste makes a difference (both to the local community and the customers)?

Taste allows us to make a great difference in perceptions -break away some of the negative perceptions about certain suburbs/races/religions by bringing people together to experience the tastes, smells and sights that are so unique to each tour.  

Its so great to see that after a three hour tour, people who have previously feared Western Sydney have made it part of their regular routine to keep coming back to enjoy the tastes of the West.

Also Taste allows business owners to share their interesting stories, proudly show what they have achieved and what they have to offer.

What else do you do when you’re not a tour guide?

When I am not a Tour Guide, mostly I may be spotted walking any one of the short walks around Sydney, having a coffee at my latest favourite café, or may simply be hiding behind a book.

I may be thinking up a dish made up of ingredients from a variety of cuisines to make a meal that has influences from the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

Also I might be working as an Event Coordinator or maybe writing some procedures.

Could we hear one interesting story about you?

I would like to share this story that took place during an English conversation class:

A student had just told the class a story that was not believable and the tutor's response was “Oh, you're full of beans!” The student then replied, “No, teacher, I had noodles for breakfast. I didn't have beans today.”

Needless to say, the rest of the class broke out in laughter! The teacher was trying really hard to keep a straight face!