Taste Tour Guides - Parastoo

Meet Parastoo - Guide

Patrick hails from Cabramatta, Sydney, New South Wales and he'd love to take you on a delicious Cabramatta Delights tour or a Taste of Chinatown tour! 

What are your interests/hobbies?

I’m passionate about long distance running and enjoy a good book to keep me company.

What are your favourite cuisines/foods?

My favourite cuisine would have to be Vietnamese. Its freshness is revitalising compared to the junk that litters food courts and supermarket shelves.

What is something you could not live without in the kitchen/pantry?

Soy sauce and green onions. The two are absolutely fantastic to flavour leftovers and make fried rice.

How did you find out about Taste Food Tours?

I worked on numerous occasions for Fairfield City Council as a volunteer and have been active in the Cabramatta community and was recommended by the council staff.

Why did you decide to join the Taste adventure?

I’m a social butterfly and love meeting new people as well as helping out the community I reside in. So naturally, Taste provided a perfect avenue in achieving that passion.

What skills, knowledge and opportunities has this experience brought you?

Being a food tour guide is my first paying job and subsequently has given me with a strong work ethic and honing my interpersonal skills in dealing with customers.

What are you enjoying the most about being a tour guide for Taste?

I enjoy being able to tell the cultural history of the area and the personal stories that come along with the migrant journey.

How do you think Taste makes a difference (both to the local community and the customers)?

Taste provides an enriching cultural immersion into many pockets of migrant suburbs and facilitates the information that is provided to deter ignorance and spread cultural awareness and ultimately tolerance of others. For local businesses owned by migrants themselves, their resources are limited compared to corporations. Taste steps in to provide their restaurant with customers and ultimately boost the local economy.

 What else do you do when you’re not a tour guide?

I regularly work with the local council in event management for cultural festivals such as the Cabramatta Moon Festival and attending the University of Technology Sydney as a student.


Q1 - I am from Afghanistan, but until now I haven't see my country yet because when I was 4 my parents migrated from my hometown to Indonesia and we we living there from 2001-2012z 


Q2 - I love study, from learning I can gain more rich knowledge and a deep understanding. I love handy craft to make something out of my own hand no matter if it's food or other thing like sewing, crochet, making jeweller from beads etc. 


Q3 - my favourite food is "Masakan Padang" English mean "Padang Food" Padang is one of the province in Indonesia and every province have their own variety type of food. Why I like Padang food? I loooovvveee  spicy food and this is match my favourite this food have rich and fresh spices it's include fresh ginger, turmeric, onion, garlic, green+red chili, lemon leaves, lemongrass, coriander, white pepper  etc.  


Q4 - fresh chilli ( green + red ) an chilli powder 


Q5- I was recommended by CMRC organisation to join Taste food and one of the staff sent me the job application. 


Q6 - I joined the taste food because of my patience towards food and cooking is one of my hobby. This job matched my criteria and I have a big willingness to open a family business in future ( Afghan sweets). This job also allowed me to build my communication skills and I also love to share my knowledge with others and introduce them different type of food. I also love to transfer a positive understanding to the tourist about Muslim, asylum seekers and refugees that live in Australia. Because they are the main target that always been criticised by the resident. 


Q7- communication skills, confidence, meet new people and gain knowledge from them, I feel more comfortable and believe in myself. 


Q8- meeting new people and having a warm conversation with them. 


Q9 - Taste make a huge difference for both local community and customers by allowing them to Tate different type of food and introducing different cultures. 


Q10- I am a full time mother and full time student that currently studying Bachelor of Arts. 


Q11- it's very interesting to know Aussie's culture, first when I came to Australia I thought our culture is the same and here is the story; 

Once my high school teacher offered me of I want to have a cup of coffee then I replied her "No , thank you". I was waiting a few second  for her to offer me again but it didn't work...! 

And she said " That's okay". The funny part is in my culture when we say no it doesn't mean no and usually our people would force us to eat and drink. I thought the culture were the same and I lost that opportunity to have my favourite drink...!