Ramadan Evening Tour  (Lakemba)


Cuisine - Lebanese and Bangladeshi

Location - Lakemba

Tour length - 2.5 hours (evening)

Accessibility - Train, car and bus

Walking effort - Low

Food alert - Meat, gluten*

Tour options - Available for private groups and school tours - contact us.

Price -  $89 (adults) / $79(concession)/ $75 (kids 12-18) / $49 (kids 5-11) / Buy a gift voucher!

What you can expect

This ultimate foodie adventure is both diverse and delicious! Graze your way from Bangladesh to Lebanon with a stop-over in Asia, just for fun. This Ramadan, celebrate with the Lakemba community through their many unique restaurants and street stalls at the vibrant night markets.  A taste of Cocos Islands is just one of the many tour highlights.

This is far from your typical food tour! If you like exploring new cultures and communities, and building relationships through food, then this is the experience for you! 

Let local guides share their secrets on the best places to eat, experience new cuisines, and shop for authentic dishes and ingredients.


  • experiencing a selection of authentic cultural food
  • local, friendly and knowledgeable tour guide
  • meeting the business owners and hearing their stories
  • learning about the local history, culture, and, of course, the food
  • finding the places where the locals eat

What's included

  • 2.5 hour guided cultural tasting tour
  • tasting local specialties
  • generous local food specialty tastings at cafes, restaurants and shops
  • food equivalent to a generous meal (or more)
  • visiting the best local shopping spot

Eat for good!

Taste Tours celebrate a diverse Australia and are designed to build understanding across cultures through food. 

We recruit, train and employee amazing local people with stories to share and we only support independent family-run businesses. We operate tours in sometimes surprising locations that we know are full of high quality food businesses. These are places that are largely undiscovered by non-locals, and often receive unfair media reporting. We aim to break down stereotypes and share the untold stories of food and culture. 

You are supporting fantastic, vibrant local communities and businesses with every ticket you buy.

Food allergies, needs and


*All tours have a food alert. Please inform us beforehand of your needs, and where possible, we will organise alternative tastings for vegetarian, gluten free, no chilli and no pork, and many other common needs. 

We will note any food requirements that we are unable to cater for on a particular tour.