Taste of Australia (Parramatta / Sydney Harbour)


Location - Parramatta -2 options,

1. start at Sydney Harbour and take Rivercat Ferry to Parramatta

or 2. start at Parramatta

Tour length - 6 hours or 3.5 hours (8.30am-2.30pm or 11.00am-2.30pm) on Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat

Tour available - Mid January to late December, excluding public holidays

How to get there - Train, car and bus or Rivercat (if coming from Sydney Harbour)

Walking effort - High

Maximum number - 14 people on tour

NOTE We can offer vegetarian options in most locations but not all; please advise of any dietary restrictions at booking and we'll do our best to accommodate you

Tour options - Available for private groups and school tours - contact us.

Price -  
From Sydney Harbour - (Circular Quay Rivercat): $175 adults / $75 children (5-11) (includes all fares)

From Parramatta: $115 (adults) / $65 children (5-11)  / Buy a gift voucher!


Tour starting at Sydney Harbour (including Rivercat)


Tour starting at Parramatta (no Rivercat)

What you can expect


Join us on a delicious journey though Australia's ancient history and stories from pre-colonial times and early settlement.

Your journey can start at Sydney Harbour, by the Opera House where you enjoy a typical Australian breakfast while you sail through under the Harbour Bridge, and past may landmarks along the Parramatta River.  You will follow the journey of the early settlers, as they searched for arable land to feed the colony.with a river cruise.

Or you can join at the tour at our first tasty tasting stop in Parramatta. 

Walk the lands of the Darug nation, sharing stories from centuries, Indigenous, colonial, and modern. Enjoy the taste of Australian classic and modern fusion cuisines of our melting-pot migration nation.

The Australian foodscape is so exciting. We live in a world of authentic recipes enhanced by high-quality local produce, chefs, restauranteurs, and artisanal producers. Australia food culture has really come of age!

As the original capital of the colony, Parramatta was the home of the first ten Governors. The arable land made it the colony's first food bowl. Now Sydney's booming second central city is overflowing with history and stories. Stories of the First Nation Darug people, the early colonies, and a city in the process of urban renewal. Parramatta is now realising its destiny as a major city centre. Join us and we'll treat you to some of our region's best, brightest, and most delicious delights!

Huge thanks to City of Parramatta's generous Stronger Communities Grant for making this tour possible! 

Tour starting at Sydney Harbour (including Rivercat ferry)


Tour starting at Parramatta (no Rivercat)

What's included

  • 6 hour or 3.5 -hour guided cultural tasting tour
  • tasting local specialties
  • generous local food specialty tastings at cafes and restaurants
  • food equivalent to a generous meal
  • all ferry and train fares (Opal Card) from Sydney and return on the Rivercat Ferry tour


  • a sample of ancient, colonial, and modern history
  • views from the Sydney harbour of the Opera House, Bridge and other landmarks on a rivercat cruise (if you start from Circular Quay)
  • delicious Australian food, including Asian and Middle Eastern treats

Eat for good!

Taste Tours celebrate a diverse Australia and are designed to build understanding across cultures through food. 

We recruit, train and employee amazing local people with stories to share and we only support independent family-run businesses. We operate tours in sometimes surprising locations that we know are full of high quality food businesses. These are places that are largely undiscovered by non-locals, and often receive unfair media reporting. We aim to break down stereotypes and share the untold stories of food and culture. 

You are supporting fantastic, vibrant local communities and businesses with every ticket you buy.

Food allergies, needs and


*Please inform us beforehand of your needs, and where possible, we will organise alternative tastings for vegetarian, gluten free, no chilli and no pork, and many other common needs. 

We will note any food requirements that we are unable to cater for on a particular tour.