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About Taste Cultural Food Tours

Taste Cultural Food Tours Inc. is a charity and social enterprise providing training to Australian migrants and refugees and local youth.

We offer employment leading local tours which promote cross-cultural understanding.

Each tour is a back-stage pass to Sydney's most authentic multicultural cuisines, enhanced by Australia's freshest local ingredients.

Discover what the locals know and where the foodies go!

Eat for good -- Every ticket purchased helps support our training programs.

About us

We love working with local businesses to bring you authentic treats!

Lesley Unsworth

Founder & CEO

Lesley grew up in the small town of Chorley in the county of Lancashire in north west England. Lancashire itself had very little diversity in the community, but Lesley’s family always welcomed any newer community members, and her family always lived to eat. She was delighted when she went to Bradford, a place of new arrival. There were lots of new people to meet and learn about and there were great curries everywhere. Lesley remains addicted to chilli to this day.

Lesley has campaigned for justice and social change for over 40 years, and is committed to working for a safe, diverse and harmonious Australia. She is especially passionate about fair recompense and treaty for Aboriginal people, and safety and human rights for refugees and people seeking asylum.

Her career has spanned many and varied roles, including women’s and youth refuges, legal centres, and place management in local government, as well as teaching at TAFE. Lesley has a learning addiction and has accrued TAFE and postgraduate qualifications in adult education, accounting, and management.

Taste Cultural Food Tours INC

Not-for-Profit Association & Registered Charity

Taste Cultural Food Tours is a charity and social enterprise which celebrates a diverse Australia.

All profits are invested in training and employment programs for new refugees, asylum seekers, migrants, and diverse young people.

Our tours are designed to build understanding across cultures using food.

All our tours are hosted by locals, trained by the Taste program, who are ‘in the know’ and who will show you the best places to eat and shop, those local hidden gems.

We support independent family run businesses in sometimes surprising locations.


Taste Cultural Food Tours INC

Social Enterprise

Social enterprises are businesses that trade to intentionally tackle social problems, improve communities, provide people access to employment and training, or help the environment.