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Passport to Asia – Lunar New Year 2021!

on January 18, 2021

Lunar New Year is the most important time of year in many Asian countries, including those we visit on our tours: China, Malaysia, Vietnam and more! Now’s your chance to take your passport to Asia, via our Lunar New Year food and culture tours! February only!

Start by booking in for a ‘Taste of Lunar New Year’ (Hurstville) 1.5 hour tasting tour and you’ll immediately receive a special code (via email) to score 25% off any or ALL of our other fabulous Asian Lunar New Year tours in February:

Travel to China, Taiwan, and Malaysia on this epic 1.5 hour Lunar New Year (Hurstville) tasting tour! February only! Tix are just $44.

  • Learn more about the food and traditions of Lunar New Year, the most important holiday period for many Asian countries!
  • Indulge in delicious treats from China, Malaysia, and more!
  • Try mouthwatering delights like dumplings, pearl milk tea/bubble tea, radish cakes, some delectable surprises!
  • 1.5 hour guided tour: Explore Hurstville with an experienced local guide.
  • When you book this tour, you will receive a special code for 25% off any or ALL February Lunar New Year Asian tours!
  • COVID-safe guidelines followed

This tour is proudly supported by George’s River Council.

p.s. We especially appreciate your support right now because every ticket or gift voucher purchased helps us continue employment and training for our team, including refugees, migrants, and youth. ❤

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