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Is this Sydney’s best kebab?

on March 27, 2017


By: Waji, our Wonderful Taste Tour Guide

When walking along any street, the first thing that grabs my attention (almost always) is the aroma of food. When one thinks of the aroma of food, it tends to bring either images or memories of favourite food or sometimes images and memories of home. For me, it’s got to be the nasi lemak; – a simple coconut rice dish that I grew up with in Singapore.

It’s a dish originating from Malaysia. I am sure anyone who has eaten nasi lemak will also swear by the fragrant smell of the coconut rice cooked with pandan leaves and served with sambal (chilli), fried fish and peanuts. Seeing people queue for this dish for 30 minutes to an hour is common in Singapore, and I myself am guilty as charged!

Eating is a national pastime in Singapore. It is this sensory appreciation of food that has led me to become a food tour guide. Meeting new people, walking around Sydney based on a mutual love for food, and exchanging notes on favourite food joints. What better way for me to indulge in my love of food when I am not buried under books in my university library!

Being a newbie to Sydney, I decided that I had to know where to get the best Lebanese pizzas in town and joined the a Taste Tour to find out. It is so much fun introducing the food and local history of a place, while walking and savouring something new together. Impressed and won over by this wonderful idea, I have hopped on the Taste’s food tour guide wagon and became a member of the Guide Team!

Have you ever wondered where you can find the best kebab in Sydney? 

Ssshhh… It’s a secret that I found out during my first training session, in Merrylands, on a tour called ‘From Afghanistan to Persia’, read on to find out!

Do you know why the Turkish brew on a two-tiered teapot? If you’re curious, just ask Latifethe next time you meet her on tour!

Though this food tour left me enchanted and wishing I had a magic carpet myself, what truly was the best hidden gem for me was the discovery of an Afghani kebab shop, Kebab Al-Hojat. If I had travelled to Merrylands by myself, I would have walked right past this non-descript looking shop and thought it to be just another kebab shop. Do not be fooled by the simplicity! Watching the kebab roll being prepared, and the aroma of the tender chicken cooking over the charcoal was a tantalising experience. It was also quite a visual experience. What I found endearing was the elderly Afghani gentleman cooking the meat on the skewers was wearing a bright yellow helmet! As we stood and watched the meat being cooked succulently on the grill, we had already begun savouring the meat as the aroma of it cooking over the flame hit us.Though you might have had kebabs before, this one kebab is totally unlike any other. I had the chicken kebab served in Afghani bread as a roll. I relished every bit of it and even had a second serving! The vegetables were crisp and fresh, the chicken was soft and tender, cooked to perfection. It was seasoned well, and as I dug my teeth into the chicken, it was juicy. Yum! It was definitely worth every second of the wait. As I am writing this, I am now drooling for my next trip to Merrylands just to savour this heavenly kebab again!

If you’re dying to try this kebab, join us on our “Afghanistan to Persia” Merrylands tour!

Till my next food update,

Waji, your foodie

p.s. Try it and let us know – is this Sydney’s best kebab?

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